High Grade Ames Militia Officer's Sword

Massive High Grade Federal Period Mounted Officer's Sword

Ex-Kevin Hoffman Collection

Rarest of rare and beautifully conditioned of Federal Period sabres.  The scabbard is in the style of Le Paige while the blade has the initials "S&K" under the languet.  Stunning blued blade with "Honour & My Country", American eagle, stars, and military motifs.  Note the beautifully chased and engraved scabbard.   

Superb American Revolutionary Period Short Sword

Wonderfully gilded Eagle Head Short Sword, WITH leather wrapped metal scabbard.  The Eagle head is characteristic of the esteemed cutler Francis Thurkle.  

This is one of only two Known to me

(I am the caretaker of both!)

Near "mint" condition!

Photo of Colonel Allen courtesy of Massachusetts Commandery of MOLLUS

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Preserving the History of Antique American Swords
Colonel William H. Allen

Cashiered...almost TWICE...

Non-Regulation M1850 Officer's Sword

A good deal of these swords were imported.  This one was manufactured by Horstmann & Sons.  The blade has been cleaned, but no frosting remains.  This is a down to earth Civil War sword that speaks to the period.

...See the second further down below...


Highest quality Ames Foot Officer's Sword

Previously Sold

Indian Princess Sword

Exquisite Blued Blade

Circa 1821-1850

This sword is beautifully dressed.  Mother of Pearl grip with wire is immaculate as is the blade.  Note extra chasing and engraving has been applied on the knucklebow and guard.  Obviously this sword was owned by an officer of standing.  Great piece!

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​                Cashiered (almost twice)
1st New York Volunteers

1862-7th New York National Guard

1862-145th New York Infantry

The following will be included with purchase:

  1. The High Grade Presentation Sword most likely Schuyler Hartley & Graham - Klauberg Blade.
  2. A copy of the book "Tarnished Eagles" by Thomas P. Lowry, M.D. giving account of Colonel Allen's trial and Court Martial
  3. A copy of the records of Colonel Allen as provided by the National Archives (NARA)
  4. Other documented research documents.

Other quality Artifacts Available
Captain William B. Fowle
43rd Massachusetts Volunteers

The following will be included with purchase:

  1. Exceptionally rare Ames High Grade Foot Officer's Presentation Sword.
  2. A copy of the records of Captain Fowle as provided by the National Archives (NARA) and other documented research documents.
  3. The scabbard of this sword is weak and splitting at the drag.

Ames High Grade Etched Blade

This is a pristine example of a high grade Ames Militia Officer's sword.  Note the "spider web" etching pattern on the frosted blade which was reserved for the Ames high end pieces.  95% of the original gold gild survives. This sword was made post 1848 as the blade is "Chicopee" marked.


Stunning Revolutionary Period American Silver Hilted Small sword

Ex-Norm Flayderman Collection - This sword is pictured in Swords & Blades of the American Revolution by George C. Newmann

Truly a beautifully crafted American Revolutionary period silver hilted small sword, WITH complete and original scabbard.  The sword bares the maker's initials of "DS" near the heal of the knucklebow. The interior guard faces depict herons.  All other facets depict eagles.  A gentleman's face is engraved on each side of the knucklebow along with decorative scroll. The top scabbard mount is initialed "JB".

Captain Henry Metzler
73rd New York Volunteers

The following will be included with purchase:

  1. Exceptionally rare, and superbly conditioned Ames High Grade Foot Officer's Sword.  This is the finest quality and condition of any Ames Foot Officer's sword that I have seen.


War of 1812

Massive American Mounted Infantry Sabre

Circa 1810 - 1830

French (Possibly Le Page) Made for the American Market

A similar scabbard and blade to these sabers is depicted  on Page 135 of "The American Eagle-Pommel Sword The Early Years - 1794-1830" By E. Andrew Mowbray 

While this sword is heavily plated with silver, it's brother shows evidence of gold gilding.  Both are stunning pieces and exemplary examples of ornate officer's sabers.  Grips are mother of pearl. Some chipping evidenced on the silvered saber.  The fire blued blades bear gold inlays depicting military and American motifs.  The European spelt "Honour and my Country" is deeply etched and engraved in to the blade.  The scabbards are beautifully embellished with spred winged egle and Indian head dress amongst other motifs.  Both sabers have beautifully sculptured sets of differing twisted snake knuckle bows.  Truly magnificently crafted historically significant pieces.

Ames Militia Officer's Sword
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