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Finest conditioned Ames Presentation Foot Officer's Sword

Presented January 2nd, 1860 

"Vincit Amor Patria" (Love of Country Conquers)

Duty  .  Honor  .  Country

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A Fine Condition M1840 Medical Officer's Sword

This example survives in superb condition with much of its gold gild and pristine frosted blade with etching intact

Stunning American Silver Small Sword 

This sword is from the E. Norm Flayderman Collection and is featured on Page134 of the book Swords & Blades of the American Revolution by George C. Neumann

Pristine Blue Bladed Indian Princess Sword 

These Militia Officer swords were used between 1821 and 1850.  This particular example has a brilliant fire blued blade.

Attributed to Le Page by Style

These High Grade Mounted Infantry/Artillery Sabres are obviously brothers. 

On Hold

Small Scale Ames 1841 Naval Officer's Sword

This sword is featured of Page 92 of Peter Tuite's book U.S. Naval Officers/Their Sword and Dirks

Early Naval Officer's Sword

Likely British Naval Officer's silver sword.  Circa 1790 - 1805.  Cross hatched scabbard in tact, which is also almost never found so today on Naval Officer's swords.  The survival rate of the pieces is extremely low.  Not the exquisitely detailed pommel an beautifully mellowed grip with silver band.  The guard has a detailed, classically naval fouled anchor inset in the guard and counter guard.   

Captain William B. Fowle

43rd Massa​chusetts Volunteers

Highest Grade Ames Foot Officer's Sword with embellished mounts

Preserving the History of Antique American Swords


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American Sword Collector

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Finest M1850 Horstmann Staff & Field Officer's Presentation Sword

Presented To Lt. Colonel William Henry, 1st New Jersey Volunteers

Decked out with Battle Honors on scabbard with Promotion History engraved on scabbard reverse.

Finest quality engraved and mongrammed silver grip, reverse gold gilded blade, on true Damscus steel.

American made Roby Cavalry Officer's Sabre

Gilded mounts on browned scabbard.  Text book example of a Civil War plain guard, Calvary Officer's Sabre.  The blade is lightly etched in classical Roby style using leaves and vines.

Finest M1850 Non-Regulation Horstmann Staff & Field Officer's Presentation Grade Sword

Presentation grade.  

High grade German Silver scabbard

Finest quality engraved silver grip, gold washed blade, true damscus steel blade.

War of 1812 American Officers Sabre

This is an Alfred & George Welles sabre made in Boston between 1807 and 1815.  Half-moon gold, blued and pinstriped blade.  These blades are seen for a short period of favor from the period of the Barbary pirates.

Francis Thurkle Eagle Head Pommel 

Early Thurkle Naval Styled Officer's Cutlass/Short Sword

Jan Reifenberg Collection

"The pen is mightier than the sword, if the sword is very short, and the pen very sharp"

Terry Pratchett

I am always looking for unique American Swords or civil war collections.  I will pay fairly, honestly, and ethically for them.

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Swords of the American Civil War

Like the swords predating the Civil War, authentic American Civil War swords of any quality are becoming harder to find.  "The War Between States" in particular has been a driving focus for many collector.  It was a war of such critical importance, that it shall continue to draw collectors and those who value its historical relevance.  Never have so many Americans died in a war before, or since.  Within these pages, are but  hints of the many models and variations of American swords carried by those who fought, were wounded, or were killed on the battlefield.   

Online Antique American Civil War Swords & More

The American swords that survive today allow us a tangible glimpse into an otherwise surreal history.  Through inscriptions, dirt, dings, and dents, these swords whisper as to the souls now departed that once carried them in their cause.  These men remain on only as shadows in faded pictures; their battle stories left to be gleaned from the diminishing pages of history books.  This site is dedicated to advancing an interest in all history, but specifically that history associated with American swords.  Those used in the American Revolution, the War of 1812,  the Mexican War, and the American Civil War.  I have tried to interlace each page with a blend of swords, historical pictures, quotes, and interesting information.  The goal is to exhibit the swords in the context of their use within American history, and not merely as objects of collector curiosity.