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"If your sword is too short, add to its length by taking one step forward."


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"The pen is mightier than the sword, if the sword is very short, and the pen very sharp"

Terry Pratchett

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Swords of the American Civil War

Like the swords predating the Civil War, authentic American Civil War swords of any quality are becoming harder to find.  "The War Between States" in particular has been a driving focus for many collector.  It was a war of such critical importance, that it shall continue to draw collectors and those who value its historical relevance.  Never have so many Americans died in a war before, or since.  Within these pages, are but  hints of the many models and variations of American swords carried by those who fought, were wounded, or were killed on the battlefield.   

Online Antique American Civil War Swords & More

The American swords that survive today allow us a tangible glimpse into an otherwise surreal history.  Through inscriptions, dirt, dings, and dents, these swords whisper as to the souls now departed that once carried them in their cause.  These men remain on only as shadows in faded pictures; their battle stories left to be gleaned from the diminishing pages of history books.  This site is dedicated to advancing an interest in all history, but specifically that history associated with American swords.  Those used in the American Revolution, the War of 1812,  the Mexican War, and the American Civil War.  I have tried to interlace each page with a blend of swords, historical pictures, quotes, and interesting information.  The goal is to exhibit the swords in the context of their use within American history, and not merely as objects of collector curiosity. 

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I give information freely about swords as learned from research and expert collectors who have preceded, or mentored me.  I only ask that you consider leaving a donation in the amount you feel that the information was worth to you.  100% of the donation will go to the The Drum Barracks Museum in Wilmington, California to help them in their efforts to preserve history.

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