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              American Swords, LLC.​​​​

Simon Rycroft, American Swords, LLC.

Simon was born in London, England.  On the death of his father in 1968, his mother emigrated to South Africa, where he was raised.  He has had an un-ordinary life with four + careers in four countries. He has worked as a detective in the South African Narcotics Bureau; a rough-neck on the North Sea oil fields; a scuba diving instructor in South Africa and the Cayman Islands. Simon now lives with his wife and two children in Santa Barbara, California and is currently working as a Private Asset/Wealth Manager.

Simon is a member of the Company of Military Historians and past serving member of  Board of Directors for the Santa Barbara Historical Arms Association.  He is a contributor to North South Trader Civil War magazine and has also been a guest on "The Elizabeth Stewart Radio Show".  He  also assists museums/historical associations with research of American swords.

"Better to do something imperfectly, than to do nothing flawlessly." ~ Robert H. Schuller

                                             (This website is a work in progress)

This site is dedicated to historical collectors everywhere and their families who tolerate them! 

"E Pluribus Unum"

This site is an extension of my passion.  As collectors we have pieces that we acquire, research to our satiation, and move on.   Then there are those pieces we buy and want to be buried with!  Each caretaker adds a piece of knowledge that helps to preserve history.  Each collector coverts a different sword.  It is my hope that I can at some point facilitate this transition to the benefit of all collectors of the American sword.

Private collections hold many historical military pieces.  As such, these owners have taken on the responsibility of preserving the items for future generations.  My belief is that these historical items should be displayed to the public and not hidden in private rooms from the world. 


All information on this site is owed to 1) The many experienced collectors who continuously help me; namely, Don Furr, Kevin Hoffmann, Ron Maness, John Thillman, Jim Brown, Jim McCoy, and my friend Kenny in Washington State.  They are wonderful people and extremely knowledgeable collectors who generously  educate me over the phone and/or in person; 2) personal experience; and 3) the authors of books listed below (which I have spent many a pleasurable hour digesting):

The American Sword by Harold Peterson

Civil War Army Swords by John Thillman

Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Sabers by John Thillman

American Swords & Sword Makers Marks by Clegg Donald Furr

Swords of Glory (E-Book) by Kevin Hoffman

American Swords From The Phillip Medicus Collection by Stuart C. Mowbray

American Sword Makers Volume I by Richard H. Bezdek

American Sword Makers Volume II by Richard H. Bezdek

Swords of the American Civil War by Richard H. Bezdek

The American Eagle Pommel Sword: The Early Years I by E. Andrew Mowbray

The American Eagle Pommel Sword: The Early Years II by E. Andrew Mowbray 

The Ames Sword Company 1829-1935 by John D. Hamilton

Collector's Guide to Ames U.S. Contract Military Edged Weapons 1832-1906 by Ron G. Hickox

Historic American Swords. Colonial, U.S. Military, Confederate, Fraternal by Howard R. Crouch

Silver Mounted Swords: The Lattimer Collection by Daniel D. Hartzler

The Civil War Collector's Guide Book 12th Edition by North South Trader

Inscribed Union Swords 1861-1865 by David V. Stroud

There maybe errors and omissions in my information.  I welcome your corrections.  Please notify me, and I will make adjustments.  This site will be ever evolving as my collection changes and/or as I add more swords.  So, please check back from time to time to see what has changed.  

All of the Civil War pictures, envelopes, and drawings on this site are from the Library of Congress and have no known publication restrictions.  All of the pictures of the swords have been taken by me, unless otherwise stated.

Happy collecting!