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(Above) Examples of Militia Officer's Swords

(Left) Plain, fluted bone grip, Militia Model 1840 NCO sword

The bulk of the fighting force of the newly-formed nation of America, consisted of State Militias.  As such, there is a varied and comprehensive assortment of this type of sword available to the collector.  That said, finding examples of these swords in great condition is difficult.  Historical attrition has claimed many of them.  We also find that because grip materials tended to be made from relatively fragile materials such as bone, ivory, and mother-of-pearl, it is common to find these swords with chipped, cracked, or split grips. The multitude of styles and designs in this field could engage a collector for a lifetime.  Currently, one may expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $900 for one of these Militia Officer's Swords in average condition (much higher for presentation and "fine" examples).  Regular NCO militia swords with knights head pommel and fluted bone grips could probably be found for much less; anywhere from $80 to $200 for an average specimen.

Militia Swords