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Circa 1835 Mounted Infantry Saber

This sword has a beautifully-preserved pressed-bone grip.  The fish scale knucklebow is also somewhat unusual.  The languets are elaborately cast in an acanthus leaf design.  The blade of this sword is tricolor with silver paneling within  fire- blued border and gold amalgam inlay.  The blade has a scrolled "Warranted" etched near the ricasso and almost certainly originates out of Birmingham, England.  The brass scabbard on this sword is identical to that of the Circa 1830 Artillery officer's sword and may, indeed, be a marriage.  These eagle head swords commonly came with leather scabbards that have broken or disintegrated over the years.   Another clue  lies in the remnant silverplate in the crevices of the guard indicating infantry use.  The scabbard has traces of gold wash which would be artillery use, but who knows?