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(Above) Beautifully embellished grip guard is carried through to the pattern on the ferrule.

(Below) The quillion of the sword is adorned with the head of a smiling lion, monkey, or dog (you decide)? Gold-gild still survives in the crevices and on the  protected surfaces.

Although hard to see under the langet, a difinitive "K & S" can be distinguished.  It is not possible to find an angle to photograph the "&".

The back and the front of the scabbard chape are beautifully embellished.

Note the entwined serpents are carried through from the knucklebow to the scabbard.  Is this a coincidence or intentional done by the assembler/maker?

Scabbard shows relief engraved, gold-gilded, scenes. The scabbard plain is of an aged copper tone.

(Above) Broad decorated scabbard mounts exhibit French flare.  Note ring mount shows ware evidencing this sword was consistently worn.

(Right) Engraved mid-section of scabbard depicts a stand -of-arms with an Indian headdress.

(Below) Embellished backstrap

(Left) The grip has inset mother-of-pearl panels.  The pommel is decorated with armor. The guard consists of a magnificent spread winged eagle and lion-head quillion.

(Below) Snake heads form from the heel and are joined to the pommel.  Note the Greek/Roman helmet on the pommel. 

It would appear that the design of the twisted snakes was continued through to the scabbard.  This is speculation on my part.

(Right) Etched eagle and patriotic slogan on blued blade. Gold amalgam inlay highlights the etching.  "E Puluribus Unum" appears above star cluster within a banner.  Note the added detail of an American shield on the eagle breast.  The arrows are held in the eagles left claw and olive branches in the right.  Also note  the "unofficial" 17 stars above the eagle's head.

This saber comes from Kevin Hoffman's collection and is massive.  It exudes all of the symbolic tokens of patriotism that were flaunted during this period.  No fewer than four eagles, stands of arms, American flags, stars, liberty cap and two Indian headdresses.  There is also the patriotic slogan "Honour and my Country" within an olive branch wreath. NOTE: "Honour" is spelt in the traditional English format; the "u" has not been dropped.  Acanthus leaf pattern adorns the scabbard along with broad embellished scabbard mounts and carry rings.  The knucklebow is a "rare" twisted snake design.

Fine chased and engraved eagle with shield, stars, stand of arms and Indian Headdress

Early High Grade American Mounted Officer's Saber

This sword is featured in Kevin Hoffman's e-book: Swords of Honor & Regulation