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Patriotic eagle with American shield on scabbard

Acid-etched military motifs on frosted background.  Liberty cap can be seen on the left of the photograph on the blade.  There is an unusual acanthus leaf design emanating from a decorative fountain or pot.

Pressed-Bone Grip

This Circa 1840 Militia Officer's sword shows a beautifully-preserved bone grip with a high degree of surviving gold gild.  Note in the protected areas under the wings, the gold gild is in a much better state of preservation (click on picture).

Stunning example of a Militia Officer's Sword.  Gold gild is in superior condition.  The chased and engraved scabbard displays the spread wing eagle next to an American shield and acanthus leaf designs.  The pressed-bone grip is immaculate.  The blade on this sword retains most of its frosting and is skillfully etched.  The pommel retains a decorative flower cap over the tang.  These embellishments have seldom survived the ravishes of time.

Circa 1840 Militia Officer's Sword

Note the "spider eye" floral capstan embellishment.