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Reverse etched Ames address.


​​Detailed engraved Knucklebow only seen on high grade Ames Swords

Chasing and Engraving

Below are some pictures which display the additional detailed engraving and chasing that is practiced on the higher grade Ames swords.  Note the use of acanthus leaves in the pommel.

Note how the embellishment on the standard Foot Officer's Sword ends one third of the way down the guard (Right) as opposed to the higher grade version which continues all the way through the knucklebow to the embellished heel of the sword (Lower Right).

The spine of the blade is etched; a trait only found on high grade Ames swords.  This would be unmarked on a standard blade.

Etching contains the use of "spiderweb" patterns.  These patterns are only found on the high grade field swords.

What makes this sword high grade?

(Immediate Right) Note the reverse-etched motto "E Pluribus Unum" on the high grade blade as opposed to the (Far Right) needle-inscribed motto on the standard blade.  Also note the ribbed etching that appears on the higher grade blade.

Scarce High Grade Ames M1850 Foot Officer's Sword


  • The entire guard is deeply chased and engraved; including the knucklebow.
  • The pommel is deeply engraved with an acanthus leaf design.
  • The heel of the knucklebow is a seldom-seen acanthus leaf embellishment.
  • The blade contains "spiderweb" etching patterns.  This is indicative of the highest grade etching used by Ames.
  • The "E Pluribus Unum" is reverse-etched and not needle-etched as is more commonly seen.