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The Eagle Head Sword

the under-appreciated eagle

The Eagle Head Sword was prominently adopted by militias and the American military shortly after the American Revolution.  During the Federal period, it reached its peak fading into the 1840's.  The abundance, style, and variety make it a perfect target for the collector.  The makers are numerous, and much information may be found in books such as The American Eagle-Pommel Sword (Books I & II) by Andrew Mowbray, American Swords & Sword Maker's Marks by Donald Clegg Furr, and Silver-Mounted Swords by Daniel Hardzler. This style of sword is an ideal target for collectors due to the variety available.  Although repairs of varying quality and scabbard marryings are fairly common with Eagle Heads, it appears that not too many outright fakes of these swords have permiated the market.  Prices on these swords are currently depressed (January 2014), which should make it a buyer's market!