(Above) A really nice example of a bullet struck log attributed to be from private land on Lookout Mountain. 

(Above) Two silk crimson red officer sashes

              American Swords, LLC.​​​​

(Above) Nice Mississippi Rifle Bayonet Collins & Co., Hartford, Connecticut, Early 1861 date.

(Above) A high grade Cavalry Officer's Presentation Sword, M1860 Colt Army, M1861 Colt Navy, Officer's sash, 12 lb. Artillery fragment

Other Items

"It is only when confronted by death, that we truly appreciate the value of life"

                                                                         Simon Rycroft

(From Left to Right) M1862 Navy Pocket Colt, M1861 Navy Colt, M1860 Army Colt, M1840 Cavalry Saber.

(Above) If this Colt could talk!  M1860 Army Colt with1861 manufacture date.  Four screw, steel back with should mount notches. Co. M on one side and the initials AEG carved into the Walnut grips.  This pistol has "character" although it appears to have been inappropriately cleaned up with a replacement wedge and some replaced screws.

It is in your past that you discover who you are...