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high grade eagle head presentation sword

Presented to Major J.J. Carle

This sword appears in the color section of The American Eagle Pommel Sword by E. Andrew Mowbray as well as Kevin Hoffman's E-Book Swords of Glory

(Above) Beautifully-engraved presentation to Major J.J. Carle. 

(Right) The fine gold gilded exudes quality chasing and engraving depicting Acanthus leaves, eagle, shield and 15 stars.

(Below) Opulent, gold -gilded eagle head hilt with stunning ivory grip.

Note the tricolor blade with fire bluing, gold inlay and silvered etched panels.  This blade survives in fine condition with only minor plumbing.

(Above Left) A close-up view of the eagle and shield as featured on the scabbard front

(Above Right) Various pictures highlighting the attributes of this truly beautiful sword.

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