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When looking at several of the 1862 dated swords, they appear to share a common characteristic in that the number "8" on the date dye appears to be missing its top. 

This photograph of Lt. Waite's grave in Lynn Haven, Florida was included with the sword provenance.  It was taken by a genealogist hired to research Lt. Waite's history by a previous owner.  It is interesting that, as with the sword presented to Lieutenant Burnes (which also appears on this site), the name on the headstone has had the "E" omitted from the end. 

Lieutenant B. F. Waite of the 22nd Maine Volunteers is buried in the Lynn Haven Cemetery, Florida.  He was present at the Siege of Port Hudson, but not much else on him has been found. 

Block 15, Lot 9

Lynn Haven Cemetery, Florida

Ames M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword

Military Contract Sword dated 1862