M1860 Cavalry Saber

Note the belly in the grip as opposed to the 1840.

​Indian Princess
Pre-1841 Navy
Non-Regulation Variant
M1850 Foot Officer's Sword
M1840 Cavalry Saber

Note the grip shape and wider, heavier scabbard (and blade).

Text book example of an original rare (highly reproduced) Naval Cutlass.

M1860 Cavalry Saber
​Ern Pommel-Artillery
M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword
M1850 Foot Officer

Note the scabbard has a single piece throat and top mount in contrast to the separated ones on the Staff & Field above.

M1860 Navy Officer's Cutlass
M1850 Foot Officer's Swords
M1840 Militia Officer's Swords
M1841 Naval Officer's Sword
M1840 Engineer's Sword
M1840 Medical Officer's Sword
M1840 Artillery Officer's Saber
M1840 Cavalry Saber

(Enlisted man's saber "Wrist-breaker")

M1840 General Officer's Sword
M1832 Artillery Sword
M1832/1834 General Officer's Sword
Up to the End of The Civil War Period
1850 ~ 1865

Below examples a variety of early revolutionary period swords and hangars.

(Courtesy of the Don Furr Collection)

1832-1840 Through The Mexican War Period ~ 1850

Federal Period ~ Circa 1800 - 1840

Nathan Starr was the premier sword contractor to the government up until the rise of Ames in the 1830's.  Below are examples of early 1812 Cavalry, 1826 Naval, and 1818 NCO sword.  These swords are not pretty, or elegant, but they served their intended field of use admirably.

Early fire blued blade, with ivory grip.  Clean lines.  Also known as a "five ball" due to the balls on the guard and knucklbow.

An Early Bolton Pillow Pommel Sword

An early sword likely made by Francis Thurkle 

Silver Hilted Eagle Head Sword - Three hallmarks (Sterling Silver, London, 1778). 

Revolutionary Period 1774 ~ 1800

During this period, soldiers commonly carried swords of their fancy that were hung from the shoulder.  These swords came to be known as "hangars" .  Other hunting swords were also used.  Below are a couple of revolutionary period swords.

American Sword Identification By Period Style

The Basics: This page shows basic patterns and sword form  by which one may generally categorize swords as belonging to specific periods.

(Please note this section is not yet complete and not all models are yet represented)

M1850 Staff & Field

Note the additional branch in the guard with the U.S. This sword was by regulation to be issued to the rank of Major and above although many presentation swords are found with lower ranks named.

​Helmet Pommel
​Eagle Head Swords

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Preserving the History of Antique American Swords
iron hilt revolutionary period
Model !860 Staff Officer's Sword
Federal Period ~ Circa 1800 - 1840

The "Era of good feelings" saw the extensive use of French influenced, patriotic motifs, gold gilding, and fire blued blades.