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Note the roccoco styled European flare in the deeply chased and engraved design.

The Mark of Etienne Le'on, Paris France

(Below) Poincons found on Klingenthal blades which verify period of manufacture.  This blade was forged around the period of 1838.

Klingenthal Poincons This link will take you to a very informative site on Klingenthal.  It is suitably in French, but nothing that the Google Translate cannot reasonably handle.

Klingenthal Blade approximate manufacture date 1838.  The sword itself was probably assembled by Etienne Le'on a cutler in Paris, France.  He apparently assembled swords from 1836 until his demise in 1845.  After his death, he was succeeded by his widow known as "Widow Le'on".  We recognize his swords from his initials  "E.L." displayed beneath three star within a circle.  This mark is found on the front face of the guard.  I will talk more about this sword as I get time.  Please watch for updates.


Non-Regulation M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword