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M1849 Pocket Colt​

This is a great example of a model 1849 pocket colt.  All numbers match down to the spindle, Most of the cylinder scene is present, and the weapon is mechanically excellent.  The seril #146375 according to R. L. Wilson, is 1858.  This pocket colt would certainly have some stories for telling beside the fire.

(Below) Ames Dated and Inspected "Peace Flask."  This is an early dated 1838 flask.  The flask has the inspector initials  "W.S. (William Smith) located near the eagle head on the neck.

(Right) Top Down - Dated & Inspected 1862 T.J. Millard M1860 Light Cavalry Saber

                             - Dated & Inspected 1848 Ames M1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber 

                             - Dated 1861 Collins Mississippi Rifle Bayonet

                             - Dated & Inspected 1838 Ames "Peace Flask"  

(Left) Assorted collection of "above average" American swords ranging between early 1800 and 1880

(Right) Four silver-gripped Model 1850 presentation and presentation grade Civil Ward swords.

Pre-Civil War Swords

Spectacular early 19th century swords

(Far left) Circa 1815-1830 Artillery Officer's Saber

(Middle) This sword is featured in the color photo section of The American Eagle-Pommel Sword  book by E. Andrew Mowbray.  It is a presentation sword dated 1823.

(Right) Circa 1825 Mounted Infantry Saber



(Below Top) M1860 Colt Army Revolver - Civil War, four screw cavalry model manufactured 1861.  All matching serial numbers with replaced wedge.

(Bottom) M1862 Navy Pocket Colt (.36 Caliber) manufactured 1863.  All matching serial numbers with replaced ram, browning touch-up, and number re-strike on cylinder?