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Note the splice in the knucklebow on the Ames Staff & Field Officer's and Foot Officer's swords.  There is an exception found on the Ames Mounted Foot Officer's Swords.  These have metal scabbards (for obvious reasons) and a single piece knucklebow/guard. 

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            General Robert E. Lee

Differences Between The Staff & Field and Foot Officer's Sword

The M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword was inspired by M1845 French sword.  The primary difference between the Staff & Field Officer's Sword and the M1850 Foot Officer's Sword lie in these details:

  • The guard in the Staff And Field Officer's Sword has an additional branch with  "US" in the guard.
  • The scabbard is usually leather on Foot Officer's swords.  Weight was a major concern for the foot officer in the field and leather was lighter than steel.  That said, there are some metal foot officer's swords and scabbards which were probably used by those foot officers spending more time mounted.  The steel scabbard would also have been more durable than the leather scabbard thereby better enduring the constant pounding of riding horseback.  
  • The blade on the Foot Officer's Sword averages between 30 inches and 31.5 inches long.  The blade on the Staff & Field Officer's sword is commonly 32 inches long (approximately).  Again, this is related to Staff & Field Officer's being frequently on horseback.
  • Note the throat and top mount are separated on the Staff & Field sword as opposed to the conjoined throat and top mount on the foot officer's sword.

M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword