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Early "frog leg" eagle that looks like a parrot.  There are 15 stars set in with gold amalgam inlay within the etching.

The twisted copper wire grip is a Widmann trait which he used throughout his career. 

When we compare the original sword scabbard with that of the picture in the book (right), there is no doubt that this has to be the same sword as featured in E. Andrew Mowbray's book The American Eagle-Pommel Sword.

Classic F. W. Widmann Sword

Artillery Officer's Sword

Circa 1835 F. W. Widmann 

This beautiful artillery officer's sword is the exact sword that appears on the last page of the color photo section of The American Eagle-Pommel Sword (Books I and II) by E. Andrew Mowbray.  This is a classic Widmann sword containing most of the traits by which the swords of Frederick W. Widmann may be recognized.  As I have covered the traits in the "Sword Makers" section, I will not repeat them here.