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Colonel William Henry Jr.​

1st New Jersey Regiment

First New Jersey Infantry Civil War Losses: 153 Killed or died of wounds & 99 died from disease or accidents.

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Colonel William Henry Jr. was at every major Civil War Battle including Gettysberg and the surrender of General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House  

Bull Run/Manassas (No Casualties)
Battle of Gaines Mill (Captain Brewster killed, major Hatfield mortally wounded, and Captain Mount wounded)
Charles City Cross Roads & Glendale
Battle of Second Bull Run
Battle of Crampton’s Pass & South Mountain (Brigade suffered 40 killed)
Battle of Antietam (Colonel Collet Killed)
Battle of Fredericksburg
“Mud March”
Chancellorsville Campaign
Battle of Maryes Heights (Second Fredericksburg)
Salem Heights
Gettysburg (Lt. Col William Henry in command bringing 292 men to the field - no casualties)
Battle of the Wilderness (Lieutenants Seagraves and Swan Killed)
Spotsylvania Courthouse
Assault on the Salient, “Bloody Angle” (Capt. Wyckoff & Lieut. Moffree Killed)
Battle of Cold Harbor
Third Battle of Winchester
Battle of Fishers Hill
Battle of Cedar Creek
Assault on and fall of Petersburg
Appomattox Court House (Surrender of General Lee and his army). 

Battles  Lieutenant Colonel William Henry, Jr. was present at: